Implementing and integrating location intelligence into an organization or enterprise requires a team familiar with not only managing large multi-dimensional data sets, but also one with an extensive background in geospatial tools and technologies. The Localligence Professional Services group is such a team that can work with an organization to get them up and running quickly and efficiently so that they can begin realizing the benefits of  location intelligence.

Localligence offers three distinct stages for ensuring the successful launch and implementation of a location intelligent solution. These stages (detailed below) ensure that the direction and goals of the project are fully appreciated and documented, complete with a return on investment model as well as key milestones, schedules and success metrics.

Analysis and Planning

Before any project can be kicked off, it is critically important to analyze whether or not location intelligence makes sense for a company. This is particularly important as not all companies will benefit the same from location intelligence. The primary purpose of the Localligence Professional Services Team at this stage is to identify the goals of the company and begin to construct a return on investment that makes sense to all parties. After this stage the company may decide that location intelligence is not right for them, or, if it is right, understand what steps need to be taken in order to efficiently execute on an implementation and roll out strategy.


Configuration Development

Once a company decides to move forward with implementing a location intelligent solution, the Professional Service Team begins to document the customer's IT infrastructure and understand how the Localligence Spatial Platform (LSP) will integrate into the customer's architecture. This involves understanding the type of applications that are going to be integrated into the LSP as well as how data moves in and out of the organization. Once this stage is complete Localligence delivers a fully configured LSP server which becomes part of the company's infrastructure, or is hosted remotely at the Localligence data center. At this point the customer may have their own development team write applications against this server or employ the Localligence Professional Services Team to help build or tailor applications to leverage the LSP.


Custom Application Development

This stage, often done in parallel to Configuration Development, is where the Localligence Professional Services Team begins integrating location intelligence functionality into existing or new applications. In the case of existing applications, such as business intelligence programs, Localligence utilizes flexible APIs to quickly and easily spatially enable the application in order for it to leverage the LSP. In the case of custom applications, Localligence works closely with the customer to understand what their needs are and then builds a new application from the ground up that has the look and feel of the customer. This new application features functionality designed specifically for the customer, such as advanced data visualization, routing, product locators or support for mobile devices.

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