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Our Architecture

The Localligence solution is built around a server that resides locally at the customer's site, or remotely at the Localligence data center. This server (Localligence Spatial Platform) consists of several applications that work together to spatially enable a customer's database. To do this, corporate data needs to be processed by the LSP and two values, latitude and longitude, need to be added as values to each record.

Illustration: Spatially enabling an enterprise's data.

Once corporate data has been spatially enabled, applications are then built or customized using Localligence APIs. These applications interface to the Localligence Spatial Platform (LSP), leveraging the location intelligent functionality and visualization techniques provided by the LSP.

API Integration

Localligence provides a number of extensible object orientated APIs in Java and C++ with additional software components available as Active X or .NET controls. Our web services can be interfaced by XML, HTTP or PHP. The Java API is platform independent and therefore runs on any Java-enabled OS. The C++ API runs on Microsoft Windows  (32 bit) as well as the Microsoft PocketPC platform.

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