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Our Business Model

Localligence is a software developer providing a server product and services. Our server product is the Localligence Spatial Platform (LSP) which companies can host locally (behind their firewall), or remotely at the Localligence secure data center. Once a server is in place the Localligence Professional Services Team can tailor applications within the enterprise to leverage the LSP, or provide development toolkits if customer's prefer to perform the integration themselves.

Localligence Spatial Platform Pricing

The LSP server pricing model consists of a one-time license fee with a yearly support and maintenance fee (20% of the license fee). The license fee is based on either the number of Seats, Concurrent Users or Transactions (see below):

Seat - Provides dedicated access to the LSP for x number of PCs, workstations or mobile devices. This model is ideal for customers with an intranet implementation that plan on having people heavily utilize the LSP on a regular basis.
Concurrent Users - Limits the number of people who can access the LSP at any given time. This model is ideal for customer's with an intranet implementation who would like to have a large number of people using the system, but at varying utilization and/or irregular times.
Transactional - Counts the number of times the LSP is accessed by an application. This model is ideal for customer's with an internet implementation and are providing lite access to a large number of users.
Professional Services Pricing

Localligence has a Professional Services Team that works with customer's to ensure the easy and seamless integration of the Localligence Spatial Platform into their existing, or custom applications. This team has extensive experience in working with spatial data systems, data mining and enterprise application integration (EAI). Depending on the job at hand, this team can either work on an hourly basis or by project. Please contact proservices@localligence.com if you would like to learn more about how our team can help your company integrate and deploy location intelligence.

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