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The Automotive industry benefits greatly by implementing location intelligence solutions. Knowing where vehicles and/or parts are at any given time, plus where customers are is critical to sales & marketing efforts, product planning, site location and operational efficiency. Presenting this information on a map provides a logical and intuitive way to spot trends, identify opportunities, consolidate operations and improve performance across the enterprise. The following scenarios provide a detailed look into how location intelligence benefits Automotive companies and provides easy-to-use tools that can sit on a manager's desktop at the head office right down to a salesperson at a local dealership:

Vehicle and Parts Tracking

Every year hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost due to inefficiencies in tracking and delivering vehicles and parts to dealerships around the country. The ability to improving on these inefficiencies lies in establishing key performance metrics and then monitoring those metrics over time. In all likelihood these metrics are already in place at major manufacturers, but the information is only good if it is actionable and can quickly and easily be visualized. The following example shows a sample implementation of how a Localligence powered solution can help automotive companies better track and understand where their vehicles and parts are in the entire supply chain:

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Vehicle and Parts Locator

While tracking how a vehicle or part moves from point A to point B is important, understanding where vehicles and parts are is just as critical, especially for dealers who are interfacing with customers on the front line. In the following sample application, a dealer can quickly and easily search for a specific model and find out which other dealers have that model, and what their proximity is to the dealer:

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Business Intelligence

As dealers and operations people focus on where product is, executives, managers and product planners what to know how their business is performing at any given time. This means looking at sales and inventory data, both their own as well as those of their competitors. Competitor info comes form 3rd party research firms such as Polk Automotive which tracks automotive sales data across all manufacturers. Viewing this data spatially on a map provides unparalleled clarity as managers can now see performance by location and identify areas that need further attention or spot anomalies in their own data. In the following sample application a report has been run that compares the sell through numbers of a certain type of vehicle from three different manufactures:

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