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Traditionally location intelligence has been predominantly associated as a sales and marketing tool. This is particularly the case as sales and marketing efforts are generally tied toward understanding where customers are and how best to reach them, such as with print, radio, outdoor or television. Using demographic analysis, location intelligent solutions allow companies to accurately and effectively pinpoint their target customer and to do so with collateral that "speaks" to the customer in their own language - literally. The same tools are also invaluable in helping companies understand where to locate new offices or stores as well as how best to manage sales territories for maximize coverage and market penetration. The following scenarios take a look at how location intelligence solutions can positively affect the direction, target, management and delivery of sales and marketing efforts and campaigns across the entire enterprise.

Demographic Analysis

Demographic analysis is the ability to identify where people live based on ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. This is a powerful sales and marketing tool as it is proven that people from similar backgrounds tend to live and congregate in similar areas. It is important therefore that sales and marketing organizations understand where their target audience lives and to tailor their message accordingly, which leads to more effective sales and marketing campaigns. For example, family orientated movies will perform far better in areas with a high concentration of families, as opposed to areas predominately occupied by single or "double income no kids" households. In the following sample application a demographic analysis has been run using Claritas lifestyle segmentation data that identifies areas on the map that have a preponderance of "Kids and Minivans", which are families whose parents are aged between 35 ~ 54 and have an annual household income under $70k.

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Sales Territory Management

To effectively manage a sales territory it is essential that a company understands where their sales people are, the extent of their territory and the volume of business. This allows managers to better optimize coverage and ensure that sales people are being appropriately compensated based on their region, its potential and the amount of customer contact. A location intelligent solution can easily highlight any anomalies or imbalances occurring within territories, allowing for re-districting of territories or more detailed analysis into work loads and/or sales performance. In the following sample application, territories are being analyzed based on a sales volume per sales person for a pharmaceutical company. An excess in one area followed by a shortage in another allows managers to drill down to see if re-districting the territory will help balance out the work load or identify either a "power" seller versus an underperformer.

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