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Efficiently moving product from one location to another is critical to optimizing a supply chain. Knowing where a product is, where it is going and how it is going to get there are essential components that managers look at to better understand performance. What ties all of these components together is there relationship to location, and how location drives business decisions. To better understand those business decisions it is important to visualize how location affects each of the source and destination points in the supply chain. In the following scenarios, supply chain managers can learn how location intelligence solutions provide an easy to use, intuitive look into the supply chain, where problems and opportunities can be easily identified and then acted on.

Supply Chain Optimization

The key to getting operational efficiencies out of the supply chain lies in understanding where product is at any given point in time and identifying the best routes between destination. In the following sample application, a manager can run daily reports that graphically show product volume at various warehouses in the supply chain. The larger icons on the map indicate the amount of product available at each warehouse. If need be, managers can drag-and-drop excess inventory from one location to another, automatically triggering of a transport ticket. Managers can also see their distribution chain by overlaying on the same map on-time delivery performance between each warehouse and the various factories or other destinations they serve. Color-coding these routes makes it easy to drill down into any problem areas to see what is causing the delay and to begin taking action to rectify the problem.

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