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Localligence offers a number of solutions that help specific industries, government organizations and departments to better understand their business and operating landscape. By leveraging the power of location companies are able to drill down deeper into their data and used advanced, intuitive and easy-to-use visualization tools that help executives, managers and analysts make better, faster and more informed decisions. If you've ever said "show me where... ", then location intelligence solutions have a place in your business.

  The following highlights just some of the industries that can benefit from location intelligence:
Automotive - learn where vehicles and parts are at any given time, identify the best place to locate dealerships, view industry reports and optimize the supply chain.
Business Intelligence - gain greater insight into disparate data sets, go beyond tables, charts, graphs and gauges, uncover trends and view data more intuitively.
Insurance - learn about tools for Underwriters, Claims agents and Risk Managers to better manage their portfolios and overall company profitability.
Sales & Marketing - perform site analysis, identify lifestyles, optimize sales territories and plan marketing campaigns.
Supply Chain - identify supply chain problems, optimize routing, manage inventories and improve efficiencies across the line, plant and enterprise.
Retail - track and monitor item level sales, identify optimum product placement, view department, store and chain performance and control inventory.

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