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Entertainment is an industry where everything revolves around location; where do people live, where are the local cinemas, where are the neighborhood stores that sell movie and music titles. Understanding this information is critical to the success of effectively targeting sales and marketing campaigns, understanding where to place and launch titles and what type of title sells best when positioned against the competition. The following scenarios provide a detailed look into how location intelligence benefits Entertainment companies, providing an unparalleled view into their world that helps facilitate better, faster and more informed decision making:

Release Scheduling

Critical to the success of any major entertainment title, such as a motion picture or music CD, is the timing of the launch. Company's want to time the release so that it coincides with any major events or when it is not competing for similar mind share from other titles in the same market. Studios and distributors spend considerable time and effort in trying to get this mix just right, reviewing past performances of similar genres and their opening days. Localligence can help these companies better plan the release of their titles by performing location based comparative analyses that provide a bird's eye view as to how a particular title might perform and the best time and location to launch it. In the following sample implementation a studio or distributor can compare how a specific title (in this case a Sci-Fi thriller, Minority Report) opened against other types of genres, such as an animated comedy (Lilo and Stitch). This can help them plan the launch for a new release in one genre that may be going up against another release in the same or different genre.

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Lifecycle Management

Entertainment titles have specific lifecycles where they make their way from the cinemas (as in the case of motion pictures) to retail stores. Being able to accurately plan demand for titles at retail is an important job as studios want to get the right balance between having just enough inventory to not having enough to meet demand. The best way to see this is to view retail data and demand spatially on a map. Using Localligence, a studio is able to see the best areas to target advertising and marketing campaigns that can be localized for the demographic that lives in those areas. They can also see day-to-day performance data and pull product from one retailer with excess inventory to another who is falling short. In the following sample application sales data for a DVD can be seen from multiple retailers helping the studios better understand where to place inventory and where to focus their campaigns.

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Business Intelligence

When it comes to marketing Entertainment titles, it is important to understand how the title is being received. If it is not meeting expectations, marketing may want to look at where demand is weak and through demographic analysis determine whether or not the title needs to be dropped or supported by additional advertising and marketing resources. In the following sample application, a studio wants to see how well their movie is performing across the top 50 market areas in the united states. By displaying the data spatially on a map they can see at a glance where the movie is playing well and where it is not performing and act accordingly.

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