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Once an enterprise has spatially enabled their data via the Localligence Spatial Platform (LSP), they are now ready to begin integrating location intelligence solutions into their applications. These applications can be existing applications that are used across the enterprise, or new applications that are custom built specifically to leverage the functionality and visualization capabilities provided by the LSP. The following section talks about these two types of integration, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and describing under what scenarios a company may prefer one type of implementation versus another. 

Application Integration

Application integration is where location intelligence functionality is incorporated into an existing enterprise application. For example, a company may be using BI applications from SAP, Business Objects, Cognos or  Hyperion and may want to leverage spatial information by incorporating the visualization capabilities provided by the Localligence Spatial Platform. Under such an integration Localligence is operating behind the scenes and the user, in most cases, is unaware that this new functionality is being driven by a separate product. In fact, as far as the user is concerned, and application integration is a seamless experience where the application they are using maintains it's look and feel. The advantage of such integrations is that they are often faster to integrate than custom built applications and tend to have a lower learning curve for new users as they only leverage certain types of functionality.


Custom Built Applications

Custom built applications are software products that are built specifically to a customer's specifications and requirements. To end users these are considered new applications and are built predominantly around the Localligence Spatial Platform (LSP). These applications perform critical tasks and are often on the desktops of a select number of users whose job revolves around data mining and understanding business performance and operational efficiencies. The advantages of a custom built application is that it is designed to focus primarily on performing location intelligence functions making it very feature rich. As such it often has a steeper learning curve than an integrated application.

The following is a screen shot from Localligence's demo application which has been designed to showcase some of the key functionality and visualization techniques offered by location intelligence. Generally custom applications tend to differ in look and feel from this demo application, but most include some or all of the features highlighted by the question marks. Clicking on each question mark provides a more detailed description of that feature. (Check out our Solutions section to see other examples of location intelligence in action.)

Note: Click on each ? to learn more about that specific feature.

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